Why Yes, Now!

Tips for the first time traveler to Europe


“Now what,” I asked myself.

With kids grown and gone it was time to make a bucket list.  Let  ideas of what I might be able to do, expand.  See myself as a competent traveler, happy and relaxed.

Next came planning, researching and studying books and websites.  I also found myself chatting with friends who had been abroad.  How did they get travel insurance?  (topic of a future blog!) How did they find hotels, or decide where to eat?

I realized that since I like to hear from people like me, others might be able to learn from my newbie experiences as well.  Not to supplant travel guides, but to hear personal experiences of how a middle-aged mom traded band parent meetings and wrapping paper sales for cafe conversations and continental adventures.

Thank-you for reading.  I hope you find support and inspiration.  May your next journey flow easily and well!